1- Elad Emek - Litzendoichen
2-Elad Emek - Rainbow surfer

Bus records present Elad Emek also known as VANGHOUL the kid that the neighbors just want to kill
because of his firkin fat bass and fast tempo also has a nice and lovely
side that Produces styles like Electro/Industrial/Soundtracks and other
electronic genders.

Elad is known for his talented but wicked mind and a creative production
in the sound and music Industry,Taking his HardTrance to a whole new level
and bringing you some soft and fuzzy sounds that will make you

style: Techno / Proghouse
Exclusive pre Release date: 13 August 2009
Release date: 28 AUgust2009
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Pena (flow rec/ Wof rec) Portugal
Solid dancefloor stuff...nice one!
Quality ep from Elad & Bus! Top notch production & nice roll on both tracks; my
favourite is the title track Litzendoichen, but both are winners, thanks a lot!
(Gavin Martin - GMJ / Fulcrum / Sephora)
Strong, angular and positive music. Rainbow surfer my fav, super clean sound and
interesting/original melodic break. Goodluck BUS!
andrew davidson :: suncontrolspecies :: wombat
for SCS bookings outside australia mailto: booking@iboga.dk
Amertume aka Psychotrop (Neurobiotic Records): congrats for this release, 2 smashing techno tunes.
My favourite is "Litzendoichen"(reminding me splinter cell by lutzenkirchen), straight, with a powerfull tek kick bass, should work well on a fat sound system.
All the best to bus
(Favs: Rainbow surfeur)
"Excellent. " - 4.5/5
LLavoe (USA)
WHI Productions, Release Promo
(Favs: Rainbow surfeur)
"Dope tracks! Dance floor is going to blow up when these hit!" - 5/5
Aaron Lee (USA)
Giant Squid Recordings/Ultramusique/Nightshade Records/Twenty40 Nightlife/Pure.FM
"Loving these tracks." - 3.5/5
s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
ProgressiveHouse.com / RK2 Podcast / 1mixRadio(UK) / Underground Radio
(Favs: Litzendoichen)
"I like the techno element on the first track." - 4/5
Maurizio saez (USA)
Miamibeatz.com, extendFM, Miami Records inc. inner current recordings, AlienSignal
inc. LatroniK rec
(Favs: Rainbow surfeur)
"rainbow surfeur for me " - 3.5/5
Garrett (Poland)
friskyradio , insomniafm , globaltrance
(Favs: Litzendoichen, Rainbow surfeur)
"Fat base, fast tempo ! Killing tracks ! Support !" - 4.5/5
Streamteck (Ukraine)
Dance radio Kiss FM/Club Saxon(Kyiv)/ Relax recordings/
"Rainbow Surfer is FAT AS, nice uplifting hypnoticness!" - 4/5
Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (UK)
Source Of Gravity/Ascension Records/Nightshade Music /Balkan Connection/Pangea
(Favs: Litzendoichen, Rainbow surfeur)
"good tracks for the dancefloor" - 3.5/5
Gandini & Liagre (Argentina)
Sol Solar, Frisky Radio, DanceRadio
(Favs: Litzendoichen)
"good ep!!!!!!!!!" - 5/5
DJ Rodrigo Brito (Brazil)
Nocturna Records , Lokik Records, London Pub, Transamerica FM
(Favs: Litzendoichen, Rainbow surfeur)
"Great drummy track ... Made for those who love bass
" - 4.5/5
Merk-E (usa)
House Assassins
"both very high quality productions, Rainbow Surfeur is definitely nice tech prog...
nice one" - 4.5/5
Kev Obrien (USA)
Stranjjur | ProgHouse.com | ExposureNYC | Proton Radio
(Favs: Rainbow surfeur)
"Rainbow Surfeur has some positive moments. " - 3.5/5
Jay Kaufman (Canada)
Sonambulist, Fullbodysoundsystem, 19Box Records/Park Muzik, Tortoise Shell Recordings
"Rainbow surfeur is very nice. Will be a real booty-shaker." - 3.5/5
NSL (Denmark)
(Favs: Litzendoichen)
"Nice Tracks!!
will be playing.
I really like the bass on Rainbow Surfeur." - 4/5
Alx Aguilar (Mexico)
BIT Records Mexico / Kansak / Xela Digital / Jetlag Digital / Indalo Records /Seaburn Records
http://www.bitrecordsmexico.com / www.myspace.com/djalexaguilar
(Favs: Litzendoichen)
"good beats altho a bit generic i like litz." - 3.5/5
Chloe Harris (USA)
further, b-sides, proton radio, djdownload
DJName:Jerome Robins
Affiliation:Perfecto, Stereo, NY Love, Nervous, Play Digital, Little Mountain, Curvve, Boa Nightclub
Reaction: Very Good
Rating: 9
Charting: no
Comments: nice tough techno groove...not to keen on the eletro influence in parts but it's a well produced track...nice release
DJName:Rickie Orion
Affiliation:Zenn-Now (www.zenn-now.com)
Reaction: Excellent
Rating: 8
Charting: yes
Comments: cool track .. interesting all together .. i like it
DJName:Greg Desty
Affiliation:Various Mtl.
Reaction: Very Good
Rating: 8
Charting: yes
Comments: wicked track !!!

Mastered by Préférence Mastering