1- Cubic loop "original"
2- Cubic loop "Dnox&Beckers remix "

BUS records is proud to present our new EP from Japanese artist NOP
with his elegant groovy house stomper track Cubic loop and a remarquable remix from
prog house masters D-nox & Beckers.

style: Prog house / Techno
Exclusive pre Release date: 01 Jully 2008
Release date: End of Jully 2008
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NOP a.k.a.Hiromichi Honda is Japanese up and coming producer, has been releasing from labels such as SOG RECORDS(Switzerland),FRAME RECORDINGS(Japan), BAG SHIRT REC(U.S.).
He grew up in Kumamoto in Kyushu island in Japan, starting Electronic organ since age of 3, and by the time he was in the Junior high school, he took instructor Qualification of it. He had a fever for band activities as a guitarist while in high school, and as he graduate from high school, he decided to move to Tokyo, capital of Japan.
After he moved to Tokyo, using his knowledge and skills of guitar, bass, drum, keyboards, and programming, he joined recording session of Japanese artists as an arranger. And he strongly got into Dancemusic.
He is regidencee at party called "Fusion" held at Sibuya Rockwest and not only the major clubs in Tokyo such as WOMB, ageHa, Yellow, UNIT, Air, he also has been played at important outdoor rave parties, and new year countdown parties. He is now age of 26, moving on to new steps and field without any borders.I want you to keep eyes on his upcoming activities.
The project D-Nox & Beckers was introduced to the electronic-community. Tracks such as Jetlag Slave (Baroque, UK), Seven Hours (Electribe) and Memory Cell (in cooperation with David Amo & Julio Naves from Spain) where all incredibly successful 12inches. All reaching the number one spot on Beatport, the international top download webpage for all electronic producers. The debut album had to ensue. 2007 marked the year of the LP Left Behind, which was once again released on the label Electribe. All new and original tracks were written and recorded for the longplayer. Instead of simply positioning one song after the other, D-Nox & Beckers intertwined all tracks with each other, giving the listener the vibe of a live DJ-mix. Left Behind was especially auspicious in Japan and Brazil. The first single Shanghigh was another enormous breakthrough track for the dynamic duo. Minilogue and Patrick Zigon remixes will be released shortly. Aside from their own productions, D-Nox & Beckers are highly sought-after remixers. Minilogue, Tocadisco and many well-known artists are among the musicians they have worked with. And now remixing for BUS records...

Supported by : MOS, Logiztik sounds, Solead, Thomas Penton, dj Pena, dj Slater, Beef rec and many more:

Dnox & Beckers remix it's just great, are these guys gonna stop making bombs some day?
I will play it and chart it for sure. Original Mix is pure groove, love it...
top class music. I hope this release will give label the exposure it deserves.
Manuel Sofia aka MOS - Noizen rec - Argentina

Great remix from D-Nox & Beckers! Supporting! cheers Michal Smetana
Dj Slater Tribal Vision Records & Booking head manager, label DJ
Dnox & Beckers made a very cool remix, nice dj tool....Keep it on
Dj Pena - Flow rec label manager

I really like your new release ;)
Will play and support
The track for me is the original version. Nop nailed it again. Funky and
hypnotic little melodies. Loving it!
Great released. 4/5
Dj Schwa - Beef rec label manager

killer rmx, original is pretty cool too.
Will support for sure.
Gaz James
DJ / Producer / Remixer / Label owner
Toxikworld // Intoxikate // Bruk

An other cool release from Bus. I like the NOP’s very refreshing atmosphere.
No doubt that the Dnox & Beckers rmx will work on the crowd.
All the best for the release
Vincent / Solead / Tree hand music

both tracks are super for different kind of sets...
great release!
Logiztik Sounds / Maktub music

Great groove, good opener
Thomas Penton - Electric Candy Recordings

Mastered by Préférence Mastering